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About Mentacube

Our Beginnings

COVID-19 outbreak in Slovenia completely changed our daily lives: we could not go to school, we could not physically see our friends, learning became online and we spend long hours in front of the screen. Especially children spend a lot of time on their mobile phones. Studies have shown that this can negatively affect children’s cognitive development. Smartphones give access to many addictive games that limit creativity and imaginations and slow their motor and optical sensory development. Moreover, the use of interactive screen time on such devices could also impair a child’s development of the skills needed for math and science. A great burden had also fallen on many parents who became ‘substitute’ teachers for their children. How can this problem be solved?

What we


It was Pablo Picasso who said that without great solitude, no serious work is possible. Quarantine in March 2020 ironically became the best opportunity for us to brainstorm new ideas that could improve lives of children and young adults in general. We thought that children should spend less time on their smartphones and instead play educational toys that would improve their cognitive skills, help them with fast strategic thinking and problem solving, develop hand-eye coordination and benefit specifically children with attention disorders.

To find solution for all problems presented above, we created Mentacube. A series of innovative educational toys that will improve all aspects of your child’s cognitive development. Our mission is to transform all school subjects in physical toys that will enable children to learn actively through play at home.

Who are we?

We are 2 young individuals with a strong desire to create the best toys for children that are not only entertaining but also educative. Coming both from medical and engineering background we strive to design toys that would improve children’s cognitive skills and provide them an opportunity to compete with each other. We always wanted to create something innovative and beneficial. And here we are now. Designing and prototyping. Living for Mentacube.

Matej Žnidarič
Matej Žnidarič

medical student

In the era of technology, we must not forget to nurture our children in intellectionally stimulative environment.

Alen Kolman
Alen Kolman

mechatronics engineer

Toys can be fun, but learning not so much… so why don’t we change that?


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Dedicated to create educational toys that will give children an opportunity to learn through play.


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