Kids and creativity

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”
pablo picasso
Pablo Picasso

Creativity and imagination are an essential part of a child’s learning process and can immensely enhance their cognitive development. It is a safe outlet for their growing creative mind, and it shapes them into an engaging individual. There is so much of the world that children have yet to see and installing creativity into their lives gives them the opportunity to form their own perception of the environment they are living in.

 There are many different ages and stages where a child’s sense of creativity emerges. Toddlers typically show signs of imaginative play by holding fake conversations on the phone, having imaginary friends, or even just imitating things they see adults doing. These are all ways that the creative sector of their brain is stimulated.

There are many activities that can encourage creativity in a child’s life. Imaginary games and storytelling help children adapt learning habits, develop communication skills, and improve their vocabulary. Their senses play a major role in the process of imagination, as we humans rely on touch, smell, and sight to form perceptions of the world. Reading books is also a great way to spark a sense of creativity in your young ones. Big colorful pictures in a book can help to inspire children to form their own stories and put their own twist on stories that have already been told.

happy child playing with toys
Kids should play...a lot!

How can you encourage your children’s imagination and creativity?

Make up stories: This is similar to reading a book, but it helps create an image in their heads and encourage them to put their own twist on the story by adding details.

Give them free time: Allowing your kids more time for “free play” provides more time for creativity

Visit a museum or gallery: The artistic nature of a museum or gallery serves as the beginning of a story for children. This is also a great way to find out what your child is interested in and what catches their attention the most.

Use of props and toys: This makes the experience way more interesting and animated to motivate the kids to express themselves. Educational toys are the best option for your smart child.

Limit screen time: Too much time online may interfere with a child’s imagination. It can be a good base of inspiration for writing their own story, but it can also limit their minds.

small girl playing with cube toys
Educational toys can improve your child's imagination and creativity

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