Technology and Children’s Social Development

kids on mobile phone

As technology use has increased over the past decade, so have the number of concerns from parents about how it impacts the development of children. From cognitive and learning concerns to social and emotional concerns, parents and professionals are right to question the impact of something that consumes the time and energy of so many … Read more

Returning to school after lockdown

mom learning on the computer with her son

In our blog post we share advice for parents on how to prepare their child emotionally for returning to school following on from the coronavirus lockdown. Advice for children in primary or junior school If you have a young child who is in primary school and who seems anxious about going back to school, try … Read more

Social media and children

small girl holding a phone

Social media is a rapidly evolving platform for younger people to communicate with each other, express themselves, and share content of all kinds. It has given rise to a new cultural paradigm that drives technology and businesses, while changing the way people interact. As a tool, social media is a double-edged sword. While it has … Read more

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