Training different skills through play is just a reach away.

As children, we were constantly pushed to use our logic, memory, and make decisions in very different fields. Whether it be music, math, science, social studies or sports. School pushed us to think. But soon, when we each focused on specific areas of study – medicine, psychology, mechatronics, design – we had the feeling we were losing the opportunity to evolve in other areas.

Therefore, we wanted to create fun and engaging activities which would strengthen our skills in various fields. By shifting the focus from smart devices and making cognitive challenges playful, we came up with mentacube – a series of cubes that encourage us to think about math, memorizing, music and more. With these cubes, training different skills through play is just a reach away.



We are a young Slovenian team who strive to create innovative toys.

About Us

Matej Žnidarič

Medical student

About Us

Alen Kolman

Mechatronics engineer

About Us

Nera Božin

PhD in developmental psychology

About Us

Anja Deželak

Graphic designer

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