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We strive to enhance intellectual, social and emotional development of your child by designing innovative toys.

Play and learn

Our toys motivate children to play and learn at the same time.


Measure progress

Parents can simply measure progress of child's playing score.



Children can compete with each other via our innovative scoring system.

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Returning to school after lockdown

We share advice for parents on how to prepare their child emotionally for returning to school following on from the coronavirus lockdown.

Social media and children

As a tool, social media is a double-edged sword. While it has many benefits, it can also influence youngsters in unhealthy ways.

Mental health during COVID-19

The negative mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are clear, but there is particular concern children will be most affected in the long run.

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We are 2 young individuals with a strong desire to create the best toys for children that are not only entertaining but also educative. Coming both from medical and engineering background we strive to design toys that improve childrens’ cognitive skills and provide them an opportunity to compete with each other.


Toys are more than just fun and games for kids. Most toys provide at least some opportunity for children to learn.
Simon levar
Father of 2
We need to consider that young children learn in quite different ways than adults. They learn by comparing physical experiences, by interactions with other people and their own feelings.
Tina likič
When I tested those toys I knew that this will be the new Rubic Cube hit.
Tine Petran
4th grade

Dedicated to create educational toys that will give children an opportunity to learn through play.


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